// hi, welcome to ausmay

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...dedicated to developing the most comprehensive AI for maximizing the quality of every person's life

...we have a solid team that we are able to solve many complex problems. The members of our team have extensive experience in the AI field.

…Ausmay has very efficient AI training models and substantial computing power to support them. At the same time, we are committed to improving people’s lives. To make people’s lives have more possibilities. In the limited time, spend time on meaningful things, and let technology free hands.


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...we are doing our best to develop new features.

{ art generator}

//...it will meet people's requirements and generate exquisite artwork for everyone;

{ video generator }

//...it will achieve the completion of the video work by your description, which will largely enhance the work efficiency;

{ essay generator }

//...AI models can help you generate the content you want through algorithms;

{ code generator }

//...we can generate high quality code in a very short period of time to enhance your productivity;

{ chatbot }

//...artificial intelligence can communicate with humans and make appropriate feedback to reach people's needs;

{ marketing analysis }

//...we store a large amount of information and effective algorithms that can support you in analyzing the market;



...to provide efficient and high-quality services is what we expect and pursue.

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...if you are interested in participating in the internal test.